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Do you want to generate customer leads and sales by sending mails? Speak with a consultant from SEO Fast to discuss email marketing solutions that are tailored to your business.

Implement campaigns that will:

  1. Increase leads
  2. Increase sales
  3. Increase your business’s perceived value.

A successful email marketing campaign can multiply your business growth in a matter of months. Invest in your business’s email marketing infrastructure and watch how email marketing will grow your business.

  • Grow your database marketing list and watch your business’s revenue multiply.
  • Engage your business with targeted and relevant email marketing campaigns to generate high quality leads.
  • Track and manage your campaigns to maximise revenue and ROI.

Let SEO fast do the hard work for you. We can help you design and send beautiful emails. We will structure your email marketing campaign to increase the contact with your prospective and current customers, as well as to get you more referrals. We want every email that you send to add value to your business.

Why Australian businesses need to invest in email marketing?

Businesses may use email marketing to create awareness of their business, their products and service offerings. Email marketing is one of the vital components in an online marketing campaign. Email marketing can trigger the initial intention for potential customers to become aware of you, to educate your customer, to pitch ideas, concepts, sales and referrals to them.

Email marketing services.

At SEO Fast, we ensure that we maintain the best email marketing practices that are tried and tested, creating the best opportunities for our clients to generate awareness, leads and sales.

What is the benefit of using email marketing in your web marketing campaigns?
Email marketing can be used as a fully integrated CRM solution. With email communication, you have the power to manage and dictate the customer journey path in order for them to give you the sale. Furthermore, the ongoing communication can help you foster a relationship with your customer and increase the perceived value of the product or service that you are offering.

One of the main benefits of running email marketing is implementing EDM tactics. (Also known as email direct marketing) Much like offline direct marketing, these campaigns are targeted to generate a response that will generate leads and sales. When executed well, these campaigns can generate businesses tens of thousands of dollars in extra revenue.

How can a business successfully implement an email marketing strategy?
Email marketing solutions can be implemented into any business of any size. The email marketing and CRM model will vary depending on the goals and functional requirements of the business. Some of the things the business will need to consider include:

  • What email software should be used?
  • How will the email campaign be tracked?
  • What are the goals for engaging in an email marketing campaign? (Do you want to increase your awareness, generate enquiries, sales and referrals?)

At SEO Fast, we use a range of email marketing tools to get our clients’ message in front of their prospective customers.
SEO Fast is Adelaide’s leading email marketing provider. We manage a suite of the leading email marketing tools that will allow you to create amazing emails and get you in front of your audience. We maintain and educate our client’s on best practices for email marketing to prevent any threats of spam. We will ensure that:

  • Your emails are scheduled and sent correctly.
  • That we will maximise your return on investment as much as possible for your email marketing campaign.
  • That we will help you implement the right CRM solution that will give your business the strategic advantage in your market.

We will consult on how your business can compel its audience to engage with the content that you will be sending them.
Learn how you can develop your email list for your email marketing initiatives.
Make more sales, keep more customers and grow your profit margin with email marketing. Find out how good email marketing can be for your business by speaking to a consultant from the SEO Fast team. Call 0414 904 286 today!

DATABASE MARKETING Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies!

Why use SEOfast for your database marketing?

  • We focus on the end result – customer numbers, sales and profit.
  • Retain more customers.
  • Increase each customer’s spend.
  • Gain new clients, re-market to customers you have lost and customers who need more convincing
  • Improve your margins.
  • We work to develop your marketing strategies creating lead generation through database marketing in all its forms, social engagement and mailing lists.

Market to Your Existing Customers & Win New Customers.

The more we talk about database marketing the more enthusiastic about the opportunities it offers.

Database Marketing must be part of your overall marketing strategy. With your other marketing mix – promotions, advertising,  business to business relationships you can multiply many times over the impact of those other marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Lets put you in the picture: one of the basic database marketing tools is lead generation through email marketing. You already have heaps of email addresses (your database).

What is this powerful list doing for you?

Some of those addresses represent people who have bought your great product or services, they are ripe for the picking. Some nearly bought but you lost them. They are also ripe leads.

Email may be one of the oldest internet tools, it is far from dead yet. We can create a basic or advanced email campaign so that you can start making sales and creating lead generation and building  an email marketing list that is hugely valuable.

Consider the timing of a promotion, peoples varying decision-making processes, cross-sale opportunities – and you haven’t even scratched the surface.

To find out how database marketing can give your business a boost ring 0414 904 286 today.

Just picture this: You have spent a huge amount of time, effort and money winning and servicing your customers, but they keep leaving you – and to make matters worse, they are buying from a competitor!

You may be underestimating the power of Database Marketing.
Database marketing is a great way to build customer loyalty and increase sales and profit margins.

Database Marketing – Engaging customers earlier in the buying cycle

With many forms of media you are catching the potential customers attention when they have decided to buy, and this is a good thing. The downside is that at this stage in the buying cycle you are competing with many other businesses for that customers attention.

The great thing about database marketing is that you are able to engage the customer much earlier in the buying cycle and you also have the customers exclusive attention! This gives you a big advantage over your competitors.

Building Customer Loyalty

Another distinct advantage of good database marketing is that it gives you the ability to establish a solid relationship with potential customers, by providing them with a valuable source of information, making them feel connected and building loyalty for your brand, even before they have purchased from you.

Customer loyalty used to be taken for granted, but today that is a mistake – database marketing dramatically improves customer loyalty.

We can show you how database marketing can have a very positive impact on your bottom line and it doesn’t cost a fortune!

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