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How To Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways of advertising your local business. Highly flexible, with immediate impact. We will measure the results to improve sales of you products and services and to establish your business and brand.

We are always looking at best bang for your buck.

  1. Unlike many other Google AdWords management agencies your AdWords campaign is not automated, every single setting is thought through and considered, and prior to starting we do thorough keyword research.
  2. We target your actual online sales products,
  3. We carefully consider the budget you have and how to get the best out of your Google AdWords cost and budget.
  4. We manually bid for every keyword so that your Google AdWords pricing is accurately targeted with no waste.
  5. In most cases we build a google adwords landing page for your cost per click campaign so that searchers get exactly the information they are looking for. Not only is the best way to ensure conversions (-sales), but it also can save you money as Google rewards search results which are relevant to the original search.

You can control what you spend and you will know what your returns for your AdWords campaign is.

An additional benefit for a Google adwrods campaign is that it is a certain way to get, build and develop visitors to your website.

SEOfast knows how to make those visitors CONVERT.

AdWords is Expensive, AdWords Doesn’t Work, AdWords is a Google Scam

Wrong, Wrong and Wrong again.

If people tell you that AdWords doesn’t work or is too expensive, you are talking to the wrong people.

Our approach to AdWords is simple – we focus on:

  • Your average cost per lead or acquisition
  • The number of sales you make from your campaign.
  • Optimising your campaign – this means making your money work as hard as possible for you.

These are the most important metrics and achieving the right result requires know-how and hard work.

We hope you will want to spend MORE on AdWords because using AdWords means you are making more sales and increasing your profit – this is good for you and good for us.

If we can’t make a good return for you we will stop your campaign!

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Google AdWords strategies that deliver great results.

Google AdWords fast effective Cost per Click Advertising
  • You will save money – We have successfully reduced Adwords budgets set up by our competitors and still maintained and even improved results!
  • You will make sales – We aim at your potential customers. We only want to talk to them in their language. We don’t choose keywords based on what you or we THINK will work. We base our choice of keywords on what people are actually searching for RIGHT NOW.
  • Fine Tune, Fine Tune, Fine tune – We ask you to pay us to monitor and optimise your campaign based on what is actually happening right now. Keyword not performing? Get rid of it. Better ad text – let it compete with your current ad! Need flexibility on spend –  increase your budget or reduce it – Google AdWords offers great flexibility and we have the tools to get the best it has to offer your business.
  • You will know upfront, how we charge – from the outset we will tell you how much we will charge to run your campaign.
  • There is no lengthy commitment – you don’t have to commit to a huge spend for 6 to 12 months, but we are sure you will love the results and want to continue, for that reason.

Why AdWords can be WIN WIN.

Control Your Advertising Spend

  1. Set a budget and change it whenever you wish.
  2. Google will never bill you for more than the spend you set.
  3. You are in control.

Advertise Exactly What You Want to Sell.

We can target the specific keywords and phrases that directly relate to the product or service you want to sell. We can make AdWords highly selective or very broad.

AdWords Is Yours, You have Full Access.

Check what is happening, watch the trends, see what is working and what isn’t. We don’t recommend it but you can change anything. (Please let us know!)

It is recommended that any business owner wanting to take advantage of Google Adwords engages a trustworthy professional to run his or her AdWords campaign. Someone who wants to deliver the best value for money and that means the most high quality, convertible leads at the lowest cost per lead possible.

Let SEOfast boost your sales with Google Adwords- call 0414 904 286

Google AdWords Secrets Every Business Must Understand.

1. Google Adwords – Local Search – Organic Search.

Google AdWords is a great platform to get quick results. But your marketing dollars are limited. Any investment expert will advise against putting all your eggs in one basket. It is crucially important to continue to pay attention to search engine optimisation. SEO for your website is not ever complete, ongoing improvements to your content, adding and removing keywords, images, calls to action, adding new posts, specials … should all find a place in your promotional budget. The optimal outcome is that for any important search your Website should appear at least 3 times – Once for your CPC campaign (Google AdWords), once for local search, and once for the organic listings. This way when you finish your CPC campaign or when your ad doesn’t show you will still have a decent presence in the search results. Keep in mind, many searchers will never click on an ad. You must be present on the search page to satisfy these potential customers.

70-80% of searchers ignore paid ads, and only use the organic results.

google adwords

2. Google Adwords Relevancy & Landing Pages.

Some companies promoting Google Adwords packages oversell customers – yes they do. We take the view that Google Adwords is a great tool in the toolkit ,but other tools will be needed too. We look at where it would be most effective to spend your budget, both in the short and long term. SEOfast is flexible. We want to be sure that the Adword clicks you are getting are from searchers who will convert. We also pay a lot of attention to RELEVANCY. Google is checking to be sure that when a person clicks on your Ad they are taken to a page which exactly fits the search. Not only will this improve the position on the page of your ad but will also REDUCE your spend for each click. This is why we recommend building specific, stand-alone pages for every ad. Landing Pages for Google Adwords campaignscan guarantee relevancy and vastly improve conversions.

3. Google Adwords – The Importance of Keyword Research.

It is not easy to pick the right keywords and key phrases for your business and campaign, and this is one area where many companies are let down – for example, you could be looking to attract commercial clients, but the keywords you have are bringing you private consumers. This is a bad experience for the consumer and a waste of time and money for you. We spend a lot of time determining the best keywords for you to use. We trawl your competitors sites and similar campaigns which are successful to make sure we match those campaigns or improve on them. Running your own campaign is extremely time consuming, as it demands frequent attention and in-depth analysis. It also requires considerable knowledge and skill to run a successful, cost effective Adwords Campaign.

4. It is YOUR Adwords Campaign.

SEOfast is upfront about our adwords management fee. You know in advance how much management we do, you get regular Google Adwords reports and can talk to us at anytime about your campaign. You pay for Adwords direct to Google. We do not act as an intermediary.


5. Adwords – All About Sales and Conversions from your Website.

BUT – here is the worst part! Many companies know nothing, or very little, about the results of their Google Adwords campaign. CONVERSION. We can track the results of your campaign. We highly recommend this add-on. This means that even more of your Adwords spend is wasted, because the many of the people who click through from one of your Adwords will land the wrong page, a home page, a poorly designed page and promptly leave – what a waste of time, money and effort and it makes your company look bad to boot.