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Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) WILL attract the attention of customers who want to buy   products (or services) from your business. We only use the latest sound and legitimate SEO strategies.

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Real Search Engine Optimisation – The Key to your Future Online Success.

What is SEO and why would I want it for my Business?

Many think SEO is some sort of arcane mystery or alternatively just smoke and mirros dreamed up by some marketing maniacs. It is not. So the answer to the question is actually easy. The hard part is actually doing it.

That’s why you may need our help.


Google’s whole aim is to give the best, most relevant, most trustworthy, quickest answer to the question that you ask when you search in Google.

We can all understand what  “relevant,” “best,” and “most trustworthy” mean.

SEO is to achieve that for your website and for the specific things you want to sell.

When we succeed, Googlebot, the crawler that indexes all websites will see it and be ready to put your website in the results of a search for the products that you sell.

SEO Best Practices to Ensure Your Online Presence

Every week we review the latest changes Google has made and the latest ideas from  Search Engine Optimisation industry leaders.

This means that every page in your website will be carefully constructed to comply with and take advantage of the best and most up to date SEO practices.

This is the key to growing your online presence, winning more customers and beating your competition.

Google will reward your website content.

Let’s face it. Google is the out and out leader in search. That’s why we focus on content that’s right for Google and what works for Google also works for Bing and Yahoo too!

Google's search engine share

Google is not just the market leader it is the leader by a long shot – that is why we focus of complying with Google’s expectations. Optimising websites in that way the benefits will flow to Bing and Yahoo anyway.

Google Search global market share.

We offer packages to suit your internet marketing budget. The thing is, the web marketing benefits will exceed the cost and create your platform for the future.

Google will like the Technical SEO

Google doesn’t tell us everything about search engine optimisation, but there are a lot of guidelines. We know that you can’t cheat or second guess Google. So we follow their guidelines and deliver engaging content  – creatively.

You don’t have to worry about bad practice.

Positively “white hat.” We have not suffered a single Google penalty for any of our websites EVER. We aren’t going to go down that track, it is very hard, very time consuming and very expensive to recover from Google penalties which can mean falling entirely off of search results pages.

Expert staff will work on your SEO.

Not only will you have expert staff working on your search engine optimisation (SEO), but you will also benefit from our many years of marketing experience. This combination of tried and tested thinking coupled with modern up to date techniques and tools is hard to beat. Our advice is based on our experience, assisting small and medium sized businesses, with a heavy focus on delivering tangible results – this means phone calls, emails and new customers!

You want customers – we will find them for you.

The challenge with digital media is to place your services and products where people are looking for them and that means understanding your customer behaviour online – how and where are they searching and what will entice them to buy. This is very important when it comes to writing content and is an integral part of the search engine optimisation process for your website – at SEOFast your customers are considered when we write content for your website.

Your customers will want to read and share your web pages.

All our focus is on what your potential customers are looking for. We don’t base our content decisions on what you or we THINK will work. The data doesn’t lie. The data (i.e. Google Analytics) is where we draw key information from, in order to set strategies and to monitor the effectiveness of search engine optimisation on each website we build.

Your content and layout will get you results.

Design is great, but it must serve the basic purpose. Does it make sales. Our web sites will look great but we also highlight ease of navigation, great presentation of useful, interesting content, easily available live phone numbers, email forms and email and phone gathering techniques – all of which contribute to generating great results!

Our WordPress websites incorporate great SEO tools.

We use WordPress. WordPress accounts for nearly a quarter of all websites worldwide.
Why – because it is –


  • flexible,
  • very inexpensive (compared to bespoke custom built websites)
  • It is simple to update and even major changes can be undertaken with relative ease.
  • Knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS is always useful, but not essential (SEOfast has all these skills).
  • WordPress is great for SEO out of the box
  • WordPress is easy to adapt to selling online
  • WordPress is as secure as any other platform
  • WordPress incorporates some great search engine optimisation tools

We are always looking for ways to improve, which means we can keep our customers ahead of their competitors.

SEOfast – SEO for Marketing Your Products and Services.

At SEOfast our aim is to give you the best Search Engine Optimisation service you can find anywhere. Our strategic approach to your business-needs is the foundation of our work, because we want to deliver fantastic results and that means, bringing you plenty of new customers who want to use your service, or buy your products.

Proven SEO Best Practices.

There are still a huge number of companies and individuals pushing all manner of quick fix SEO solutions, promising instant page one ranking as though it is the Holy Grail. Well, most of them are a quick way to waste money and risk being black listed by Google for poor business practices and trying to rort the system. Keyword stuffing and “Black Hat” or bad back links that aren’t relevant are two of the most commonly used methods of trying to trick the system. Avoid these practices at all costs, because they will result in your website being blacklisted, not crawled by Google and therefore no one will be able to find your website or your products.

Keyword Ranking Reports for Your Business (and your Competitors).

CTR based on page position

Ranking for the right keywords is the key

It is also easy to be fooled into thinking that ranking for any keyword or phrase that seems relevant is a good thing. It isn’t. It is much better to concentrate on getting relevant traffic to your website and this means aligning your content with your target audience. This doesn’t mean ranking for keywords is not important.


We track the ranking of all your keywords over time and can provide you with ranking position details on request.

Out-performing your competitors

We also track the position of your main competitors for your keywords. Nothing like a good competition to keep us on the boil. Poor page content and dynamic URL’s are sure-fire ways to fail in search engine optimisation.

There are many other things that affect your ranking – when added together they can and do lead to very poorly performing websites that have either lots of traffic, but poor engagement and low results or, they just don’t attract enough traffic.

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