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Social Media Marketing.

Every business should have a social media strategy. How you use Social Media to communicate with your customers and market your business depends very much on the type of business you run.  More importantly, it depends on your customers.

Let your customers guide your social media strategy

Your target audience will dictate how they will engage with you, which social platforms you need to use and how you use social media to target new customers. This can be a daunting task – but there are significant benefits to having a solid social media marketing strategy. There are also very effective  advertising opportunities, which have been shown to yield great results.

We Understand Social Media

At SEOfast we understand Social Media Marketing and how to use it to build customer loyalty and win new customers.

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Rapid Growth in Social Media Marketing Opportunities

Every business owner knows that they should be engaging their customers through social media, and not long ago Facebook was what people were referring to, when they mentioned social media.

Social Meda Marketing – A Moving Feast

However, in no time at all, and just when some business owners have got to grips in some way with Facebook, there are so many other equally important sites to deal with, including Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, FourSquare and many others.

Why use SEOfast for your Social Media Marketing.

  • For us it’s all about the results – we are totally focused on producing outstanding outcomes for our customers.
  • Clear and easy to understand reporting – you will know exactly how your campaign is performing.
  • You will save time – we can take all the work away, so you get all the benefit without the hassle.
  • You will save money – Our optimization strategies will ensure you are getting the best return on investment possible, saving you money.
  • You will gain increased customer loyalty – social media provides a unique opportunity to communicate with your audience that increases brand loyalty.
  • You will win new customers – we know how to bring you new customers through social media.
  • No lengthy contract – if we deliver the results you will want to stay anyway.

FACEBOOK Marketing

  • 1. Facebook is the most popular social network on the Internet. With approximately 1.28 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the 2nd-most visited website on the Internet (behind Google). This means you can achieve a huge amount of exposure for your business by adopting sound social media marketing strategies through Facebook.
  • 2. Facebook offers very targeted advertising. Facebook allows advertisers to target specific groups of people based on things such as age, personal interests and much more. You can even target keywords on Facebook.
  • 3. Facebook Fan pages can increase customer loyalty. Many companies have built fan pages on Facebook that customers or potential customers can join. Through such a fan page you can interact directly with your customers, building loyalty through positive engagement.
  • 4. Special Offers on your Facebook fan page. Your fan page can also be used as a forum to promote new products and services. Updates on new products, offers and changes to your business or service keep your customers more informed and up-to-date.
  • 5. Facebook ads are extremely flexible. Facebook offers additional character length for ad descriptions. The ability to create image-based ads also adds flexibility. Facebook campaigns can be optimised to give extremely good value through, for example, low cost per click.
  • 6. Facebook offers enhanced audience engagement. Facebook users visit Facebook to consume information and also to create it, by becoming part of the conversation. This means people dwell on the site longer and your ads get seen more often.
  • 7. Facebook makes multiple ad views possible. A large proportion of Facebook users visit the site several times a day. This means that your ads will be seen a number of times by these people – this greatly increases the results you receive.
  • 8. Choose between cost per click or impression based pay structures. Facebook allows advertisers to purchase ad space on a cost per click or per thousand impressions, fee structures. This means you can to adapt your campaign dependent on budget and other considerations.
  • 9. Advertising on Facebook can be very affordable. Thanks to ability to target and the choice of packages available it is possible to run a very cost effect and even cheap campaign on Facebook and still get great results.
  • 10. Ability to reach mobile audience users. Facebook is accessed via smartphones all over the world every day. This means  that by using Facebook you are able to reach your target audience wherever they are.
How can Social Media Marketing boost your business?

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