YouTube penetration in Australia
Source: Think With Google, Image ©: SEOfast


YouTube has become an important part of our everyday lives. From searching for how-to DIY videos to tips on gardening, interior decoration and recipes for every possible dish under the sun – 1000s of videos are uploaded every day to this magical platform.
According to a report by Nielson’s new Digital Content Ratings, published in November 2018, 15.7 million Aussies spend almost 24 hours per month on YouTube. Moreover, 72% of the YouTube watch time was on mobile and tablets and only 28% on Desktops.


YouTube is no longer a tool just employed by big corporate chains for their marketing. There are many ways a small business can use YouTube to steer their targeted audience towards their products and generate leads. Some of the ways YouTube can benefit your South Australian business include:

Rank in Google with YouTube videos

  • Showcase your products. Especially if you are an e-commerce business without a physical store, YouTube can be a great tool for consumers to see the products and make an informed purchase.
  • Connect with the consumer. You can use YouTube to post DIY or how-to videos using your product. Not only do these videos sell like hot cakes in getting you subscribers, but they also give you a platform to interact with the consumers
  • Rank higher in Google search. Isn’t a higher Google ranking the ultimate goal of every business owner with an online presence? YouTube is a product of Google. If you use the right keywords in your YouTube content, you can get your business ranking in Google.

For instance, if you are an automotive business, you can do a video about DIY car detailing. Use the keyword ‘how-to’ in your content and you may end up getting your video displayed top of the page in a search for ‘how to detail your car’. Trust our word for it, Google loves ‘how-to’ videos!


Getting overwhelmed about where to start? We can help you. SEOfast can custom-design a package for you to help you set up a YouTube page for your business. We can also build YouTube videos from the images you already have, do some great keyword research and write an awesome copy that will help boost your Google ranking.

Speak to our SEO specialists Tony (@ 0414 904 286) or Mark (@ 0428 379 469) to find out more.


Thinking why worry about making a great video if the description is all that matters?

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely believe video content is the most important! But the value of well-written video description, with deeply researched keywords, cannot be ignored.

YouTube’s Guide to Writing a Kick-Ass Description

Read on to find out what YouTube itself considers as vital steps to writing a description that gets your videos noticed (the full article can be found here).

How to write excellent description for your YouTube videos
Image ©: SEOfast
  • Write Searchable Descriptions
    Descriptions can convey valuable information that helps viewers find your videos in search results and understand what they’ll be watching. Well-written descriptions with the right keywords can boost views and watch time because they help your video show up in search results.
  • Maximize Your Description
    The description field is incredibly useful for helping viewers find, learn about, and decide if they’d like to watch your videos. You can think about the description as two parts — what viewers see before they click “Show more” and what they see after. Consider prioritizing the first few lines of your description to describe your video because it’s what viewers will see first. You can add other key information about your channel, metadata, and even links to social networks or your website below that so that viewers can learn more. You can even create a default description that auto-populates key channel information in all of your videos upon upload.
  • Hashtags
    You can use related hashtags (#) in video descriptions to help viewers find your video when they search for a specific hashtag. When you upload a video, you can enter hashtags (#hashtag #example) in your video’s title or description. Hashtags in the video description are links that users can click on to go to that hashtag’s search results page to see more videos on that subject.

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